Private Training - Online Course

Manual facial modeling and rejuvenation - training.

Workshops we developed are based on Ms Yugai's almost 40 years experience of manual facial rejuvenation. Ms Yugai in her work combines education and experience she has acquired with knowledge she heritaged from her Korean mother as well as her Japanese grandmother, both of them practiced natural medicine in their daily lives. The presented method of manual facial rejuvenation consists of acupressure along with massage that engages muscle-tendon meridians. Alongside with the rejuvenation effect it also enables to enhance individual beauty of a client as well as to "correct" lineament. Considering the character of the method, improvement of physical and mental well-being takes place. Last but not least important are instantaneous and long-lasting effects. The entire training course and certification are now available for anyone in the world, via one-on-one live video consultation.

  •     Stimulation of collagen tissues helps to firm/tighten the skin and even its tone. Tightening pores.
  •     Minimization or relief of headache, migraine.
  •     Improvement of concentration.
  •     Easier falling asleep.
  •     Muscle relaxation of pectoral girdle and improving its condition.
  •     Improvement of respiration.
  •     Relaxation of spine muscles and mobilization of joints.
  •     Considerable alleviation of stomach problems, indigestion, flatulence.
  •     Normalization of moisture in oral cavity.
  •     Improvement of acuteness of eyesight (dry eye syndrome), relief of ear noise problems, of "tired face".
  •     Relaxation and abreaction (stress, nervousness, pre-menstruational tension).
  •     Cough relief.
  •     Strengthened immune system.

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Module I

  •     the correction of flat foot and halluces;

Module II

  •     the correction of neck and nape the so-called dowager's hump;
  •     the considerable improvement of the state of muscular tension, the moisturizing, the skin coloring;
  •     occlusion correction;
  •     the correction of the oval of the face; the return to the correct work of muscles, their adequate blood supply and oxygen supply;

Module III

  •     the correction of eyelids - the lifting of dropping ones;
  •     the shallowing and liquidation of laughter lines and wrinkles resulting from the process of skin ageing;
  •     nose shape correction and the setting of nasal septum;

Module IV

  •     cheek modelling;
  •     tightening of pores;
  •     the shallowing of scars;
  •     the correction of forehand wrinkles;
  •     the lifting of mouth corners;
  •     correction of lips;
  •     general improvement of well-being due to stimulation of appropriate facial points that benefits the whole organism;

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